Fender LTB Portable Sound System User Manual

Page 4

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A. EQ - Adjusts the tone / frequency boost or cut of
its respective channel. When the tone control is set
at the 12 o’clock (notched) position, the channel is
“flat” with no frequencies cut or boosted. As the dial
is rotated clockwise, the treble response increases.
Likewise, as the dial is rotated counterclockwise the
treble response decreases.

B. EFX - This knob controls the amount of signal its
respective channel sends to the EFX output jack for
external signal processing devices and to the internal
reverb pan. When the knob is set at 0, no signal is
sent to the EFX output jack for external signal
processing or to the internal reverb pan.

C. LEVEL - Adjusts the volume of the individual
channel. Rotating the knob clockwise increases the
respective channel’s contribution to the “Main Out”
mix. After slowly raising the MAIN volume control,
slowly bring up this input level control listening for
the onset of feedback or howling or until the desired
level is reached. The LTB’s overall volume can be
increased by rotating the MAIN control clockwise.

D. HIGH Z - Plug your high impedance
microphones, keyboards, drum machines, outboard
effects, etc. in here. This 1/4 inch, TS unbalanced
input jack is suited for use with items having line
level outputs.

E. LOW Z - Plug your microphone in here. This
three pin XLR balanced female input connector is
intended for input signals from low impedance
microphones. Pins 2 and 3 automatically provide
Phantom Power (+15V DC) for some condenser
style microphones.