Fender LTB Portable Sound System User Manual

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Ground loops are one of the most
common causes of hum and buzz in
sound reinforcement systems and other
audio products. A ground loop usually
occurs if the separate pieces of
equipment are plugged into different AC

circuits. Also, if the audio wiring is placed too close
to the power cords, hums or buzzes can bleed into
the system. Still, improperly maintained power and
audio cables are yet another cause of bothersome
noise. In order to help minimize stray hums and
buzzes, here are some helpful hints.

1. Keep all electronics connected to the sound

system on the same electrical circuit.

2. Keep audio signal cables away from the AC

power cords.

3. Use balanced cables when applicable.

4. Always plug the LTB into a grounded AC electrical


5. Be sure to use properly maintained cords and

cables with the LTB.

The LTB mixer and speaker cabinets
are covered in vinyl for long life and
lasting good looks. To clean the
cabinets, use a sponge dampened with
a light soapy solution. Avoid spilling any

liquids on the operating surface, grilles, volume and
tone controls, switches and line cord inputs.
ALWAYS unplug the LTB before cleaning it or
approaching it with fluids. Before plugging in the
LTB wait until the unit has completely dried.

If the LTB is set up but does not
function, please check the following

• Is the LTB 's power cord properly plugged into an

electrical outlet?

• Is there power at the outlet?
• Are the volume control knobs on the LTB turned

above the MIN position?

• Are the volume control knobs on your instruments

turned above their minimum position?

• Is the mic/instrument properly plugged into the


• Is the mic/instrument turned on?
• Are your audio cables frayed, cut or damaged?
• If using an outboard gear, are the cords

properly connected?

• Are the speaker cables properly connected?
• Is there power to the outboard gear?
• Are the levels on your outboard gear above their

minimum positions?

• (If applicable) does your instrument have power?

If after checking all of the above the LTB is still not
performing correctly, consult your nearest authorized
Fender Service Center.