FilterStream AIRTAMER A300 User Manual

Page 7

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Section 4: Set-Up (Cont.)

Conductive Cord:

A unique CONDUCTIVE CORD is included with your unit. The
CONDUCTIVE CORD is permanently attached to the unit and
incorporates a safety “break away” feature that disconnects the
CONDUCTIVE CORD from the unit in the event that the unit gets caught.

Note: For best performance, ensure that the CONDUCTIVE CORD
touches your skin when your AirTamer is worn. AirTamer will still work
when the CONDUCTIVE CORD is not touching your skin (e.g. when the
CONDUCTIVE CORD is coiled up inside your shirt pocket), however,
negative ion production will be reduced.

Section 5: How To Use

Using your AirTamer:

1. Turn the unit on by sliding the ON/OFF button ( ) to the ON

position. A steady stream of negative ions will be emitted from the
NEGATIVE ION EMITTER thereby creating a clean zone of healthier
air within your breathing space. A blue light will gently blink to
indicate that power is on and the unit is cleaning your air.