FilterStream AIRTAMER A300 User Manual

Page 9

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Air Cleaning Performance:

1. This is a personal breathing space air purifier. It is most effective in

areas approximately 3 feet from the unit.

2. This unit is safe to leave on as long as you like - even 24 hours per


Section 6: Tips To Improve Performance

1. Ensure that the NEGATIVE ION EMITTER is pointed toward

your face during use.

2. If you clip the unit to your shirt, blouse or pocket, suspend the

CONDUCTIVE CORD from your neck (with the cord touching your
neck) to improve ion flow.

3. If placed on a nearby table, place the CONDUCTIVE CORD behind

the unit. Covering as much of the table as possible with the
CONDUCTIVE CORD (e.g. by forming a large circle or spreading the
CONDUCTIVE CORD out) will improve performance.

4. Do not allow the NEGATIVE ION EMITTER to touch your skin or any

other conductive material, as this will temporarily turn the unit off.