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Twin Amp Sound Settings

Note: These settings are suggested starting points. Your settings may vary due to your guitar, venue, or most importantly...personal taste!

The Fender TWIN™ is the next step up in the evolution of High
Performance instrument amplification. The new TWIN is a direct
descendent of classic tube amps such as the Fender Twin Reverb®,
and 410 Bassman®, which have shaped today’s world of guitar

The features of the new Fender TWIN provide flexibility rarely found
in tube amplifiers. Channel One is the traditional Fender design
which offers the vintage sound as well as contemporary sounds with
the use of switch-selectable Gain and Master Volume controls.
Channel Two is like owning a second, modern hot-rodded amp with
more soaring gain than previously found in a Fender tube amp. The
CLASSIC Fender tube reverb sound is there too and is switch assign-
able to Channel One, Channel Two, or both. Finally, a master PRES-
ENCE control allows you to “dial-in” just the right amount of high-
end sparkle.

Special effects will interface to the Effects Loop easily and with no
guesswork on levels. Simply set the three position LEVEL SELECT
switch to match up to the latest rack-mount digital processor or your
old favorite battery powered effect pedals. The effects MIX control is
used for blending the effect (wet) sound with the normal (dry) guitar
sound. Depending on the effects device used, the effects MIX con-
trol, when set to “10”, will produce the “wet” sound only. A three
position switch is provided for assigning the Effects Loop to Channel
A, Channel B, or both. In addition, the PREAMP OUT & POWER
AMP IN jacks can be used as a second effects loop, or as Send and
Return points while slaving amps together. The possibilities are end-
less (e.g., by inserting a Chorus pedal between the PREAMP OUT of
an amp and the POWER AMP IN of another, a true stereo image
effect can be achieved).

The power amplifier section of the TWIN is a 100 Watt Fender

design which has become the industry standard as a result of its time
worn reputation for reliability and good sound; however, this ampli-
fier goes further than its clones. In addition to a HIGH/LOW
POWER switch, that you can hear, the TWIN also features external
bias and balance adjustment capability. The four 6L6WGC/5881
output tubes can be set up by anyone with a digital voltmeter without
removing the chassis. This means that you can re-bias every time
you re-tube and can check bias and balance over the life of the
tubes. With the price of tubes today you can’t afford not to have
them set up right every time. In addition to being able to drive a
wide range of speaker combinations from the three speaker output
jacks, switch selectable to 4, 8, or 16 ohms, the BALANCED LINE
OUTPUT will drive any 600 ohm line input. This is a transformer
coupled, truly balanced, floating ground output which is particularly
useful for driving slave power amps or, with the proper equalization,
as a send to a mixing console for recording or sound reinforcement.

The Fender TWIN features two Fender Special Design 12” speakers
which have been specifically tailored to reliably produce the leg-
endary Twin Reverb sound.

The selection of a Fender amplifier will reward you with years of
quality music in a wide range of controlled sounds. This manual is
designed to familiarize you with the equipment and to acquaint you
with its many fine features. Please read it carefully so that you will
benefit from the many features as soon as you start using the amplifier.

The built-in quality of a Fender amplifier is the result of over four
decades of dedication in the combined skills of research and devel-
opment by our engineers and musicians.

That is why we proudly say...

FENDER, The Sound That Creates Legends.