Gyration Ultra Cordless Optical Mouse User Manual

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The Ultra Mouse comes with a NiMH battery pack already

installed, but you will need to remove the plastic tab located

inside the battery compartment. This clear plastic tab pre-

vents the battery from discharging until you are ready to use

your mouse. To remove the tab and charge your batteries:


Press the Battery Release button at the bottom of the

mouse and lift the NiMH battery pack off.


Remove and discard the plastic tab.


Replace the battery pack by snapping it into place on the



Connect the power adapter to the charging cradle and

plug it into a power source.


Place the mouse in the charging cradle. The cradle’s LED

Indicator light, located at the bottom of the unit, will

turn solid green and the LED Indicator light on the

mouse will faintly flash green while its batteries are



Once the batteries are fully charged, the LED Indicator

light on the mouse will maintain a steady glow and will be

ready for use.

Battery Tips


For optimal battery life, avoid using the mouse on dark-

colored surfaces.


When the battery drops to twenty percent (20%) of its

full charge, the LED Indicator light on the mouse will blink

intermittently when in use. To optimize the performance

of your NiMH battery, it is best to recharge it after every

day of use.


If a full charge is not required, you can remove the mouse

from the charging cradle at anytime. You do not need to

wait for the LED Indicator light to stop flashing.


To conserve power, the mouse enters a “Sleep Mode”

when it is left on for more than 24 hours. To awake from

Sleep Mode, click any button.