Gyration Ultra Cordless Optical Mouse User Manual

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Using the In-Line Battery Charger
The In-Line Battery Charger is included with the Ultra Profes-

sional model or available for purchase as an add-on accessory.
To charge the NiMH battery pack

using the in-line battery charger:
1. Connect the power adapter to the

in-line battery charger and plug it

into a power source.


Place the battery pack in the

charger and the LED Indicator

light will turn solid green.


To eliminate the need of one additional adapter, install

the smaller connector of the charger cable into the back

of the in-line charger and install the larger connector into

the front of the charging cradle.

Using the Alkaline Battery Clip
The Alkaline Battery Clip is included with the Ultra Professional

model or available for purchase as an add-on accessory.
A standard alkaline battery clip may

also be used with your mouse:
1. Insert three AAA batteries into

the battery clip.


Snap the battery clip into place

on the mouse.


Install the in-line battery charger


If the alkaline battery clip is installed, the mouse enters Sleep

Mode when it is left on four or more hours. To awake from

Sleep Mode, click any button.


The AAA batteries are not recharged when the unit is placed in

the charging cradle.