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4. ALWAYS fill the upper chamber with cold

tap water using a pitcher (not supplied).
Never remove the upper chamber of the
water filtration system from the water
dispenser when filling. DO NOT OVERFILL.

5. Use the measuring guides on the side of

the water filtration system and add water
to the upper chamber when needed.
Keep the water level in the lower
chamber between the “MIN” and “MAX”
levels so the multi-stage filter is immersed
at all times.

Q How long will it take for the water to filter through?
It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to process the initial batch

of 5 litres of water. It will get quicker as you add water while
keeping the multi-stage filter moist in the lower chamber between
the “MIN” and “MAX” levels. Dispensing water from the dispenser,
while pouring in water to be filtered will increase the
processing time.

Q. There appears to be some carbon dust in my water when

getting started, What should I do with this?

A When a new filter is installed, it is common to have carbon particles

in the first batch of filtered water. Every time you replace your filter,
discard the first 4 glasses from each dispensing tap or button.
This does not need to be repeated every time you refill the
filtration system.

Q. The water filtration system does not fit my water dispenser?
The Greenway


Water Filtration System is designed to fit all



water dispensers and most other major brands. Most

dispensers have a bottle support that has to be removed. If you
are having difficulty removing the bottle support, it is possible there
is no bottle support to be removed. Please contact the
manufacturer of your water dispenser or refer to your water
dispenser owner’s manual.