Griffin Technology Radio Shark2.0 shark 2.0 User Manual

Page 11

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FAVORITE - Indicates whether this station will appear in your list of favorite stations.

DESCRIPTION - A textual description of the station in question.

URL - The home page for this station.

PHONE - This station’s phone number.

GENRE - The type of content played by this station.

ICON - An icon representing the type of content for this station.

PRESET KEY - Assigning a Preset Key to a Station allows you to quickly tune to that station by pressing
 key and the preset key number. The station must be a favorite in order to be assigned a Preset Key. 9
presets can be made from favorites. They can be selected by using the keystrokes illustrated below.

Shortcut keystrokes:
Preset 1 =  + 1
Preset 2 =  + 2
Preset 3 =  + 3
(you see a pattern here, right?)