Griffin Technology Radio Shark2.0 shark 2.0 User Manual

Page 9

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2. SPECTRUM/FREQUENCY - Toggles between the spectrum display and the large frequency readout

3. PLAYBACK INDICATOR - Shows the playback status of the source currently playing. The status will
display LIVE to indicate that live radio is playing, or a timecode of the recorded source.

The playback indicator will also show you the location of the program-in-progress. It can be

used to quickly move back or forward in the recording or timeshift.

4. SCHEDULE - Opens the Scheduling window. See page 12 for more information.

5. EQ - This button opens the Equalizer window. See page 22 for more information.

6. STATION DESCRIPTION - When listening to the radio, the station description is displayed here.
Station descriptions can be edited by selecting “Station” from the main menu bar, then “Edit Info...” from
the list, or by double-clicking on the Station Description. When listening to a previously recorded

track, the title of the track will be displayed here.

Shortcut key -  + i

7. CONNECTION/RECORDING - The “fin” changes colors to indicate connection and recording status.
The states are: Gray - not connected. Blue - connected. Red - connected and recording.