Griffin Technology Radio Shark2.0 shark 2.0 User Manual

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4. AM/FM - Toggle between the AM and FM bands.

5. TUNING SLIDER - can be used to rapidly position the tuner for the desired frequency.


- With the radio Shark window active, simply type the frequency of the desired station followed by the
return key to directly tune that station. For example, to tune 104.5, type 104(period)5 followed by the
return key. To cancel direct tuning, press the escape key before pressing the return key.

- Scroll wheel mouse users can use the scroll wheel to tune the radio Shark

- Use the Tab key to seek to a higher station

- Use the Tab key while holding Shift key to seek to a lower station

- Salling Clicker users can use the included control to tune from Bluetooth enabled cell phone. See for more information.