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GPSMAP 700 Series Owner’s Manual


Charts and 3D Chart Views

1. From Home screen, select Charts > Navigation Chart.
2. Select a camera icon.

• A standard camera icon (

) indicates an overhead photo.

• A camera icon with a cone (

) indicates a perspective photo. The photo was taken from the

location of the camera, pointed in the direction of the cone.

3. Select Review > Aerial Photo.

NoTe: Select


to zoom out and zoom in while viewing the aerial photo on the full screen.

Animated Tide and Current Indicators

You can view indicators for animated tide station and current direction on the Navigation chart or the Fishing

chart. To do so, information for tide station and current direction must be available in your preloaded map or

BlueChart g2 Vision region. You must also select the Animated value for the

Tides/Currents setting (

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An indicator for a tide station appears on the chart as a vertical bar graph with an arrow. A red

arrow pointing downward indicates a falling tide, and a blue arrow pointing upward indicates a

rising tide. When you move the cursor over the tide station indicator, the height of the tide at the

station appears above the station indicator.
Current direction indicators appear as arrows on the chart. The direction of each arrow indicates

the direction of the current at a specific location on the chart. The color of the current arrow

indicates the range of speed for the current at that location. When you move the cursor over the

current direction indicator, the specific current speed at the location appears above the direction indicator.




Current Speed



0 to 1 knot


1 to 2 knots


2 or more knots

Viewing Current Station Information

See “Current Information” (

page 37


Detailed Road and Point of Interest Data

BlueChart g2 Vision contains detailed road and point of interest (POI) data, which includes highly detailed

coastal roads and POIs such as restaurants, lodging, local attractions, and more.

Searching for, and Navigating to, POIs

See “Where To?” (

page 33


Auto Guidance

Auto Guidance automatically creates and suggests the best path to a destination, based on available BlueChart

g2 Vision chart information. Auto Guidance is available when you navigate to a destination using Guide To


page 26


Configuring Auto Guidance Settings

See “Auto Guidance Line Configurations” (

page 45




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