Important safeguards, Save these instructions – GE 681131690966 User Manual

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imPortAnt sAFeGuArDs

read aLL inSTruCTionS

beFore uSinG.

• Do not touch hot surfaces. use

handles or knobs.

• to protect against risk of electrical

shock, do not immerse cord, plug or
toaster in water or other liquid.

• Close supervision is necessary when

toaster is used by or near children.

• unplug from outlet when not in use

and before cleaning. Allow to cool
before putting on or taking off parts,
or moving toaster.

• Do not operate toaster with a

damaged cord or plug or after
toaster malfunctions or has been
dropped or damaged in any manner.
Call our toll-free customer assistance
number for information on
examination, repair, or electrical or
mechanical adjustment.

• the use of accessory attachments

not recommended by the toaster
manufacturer because they may
cause injuries.

• Do not let cord hang over edge of

table or counter, or touch hot

• Do not place on or near a hot gas or

electric burner, or in a heated oven.

• Do not use outdoors.

• Do not use toaster for other than

intended use.

• Do not insert oversized foods,

metal foil packages, utensils, or
the plug and power cord in the
toaster breadwells as they items
may involved a risk of fire or
electric shock.

• A fire may occur if toaster is covered

or touching flammable material,
including curtains, draperies, walls,
and the like, when in operating.

• Do not attempt to dislodge food

when taster is plugged in.

• this product is for household

use only.

• Failure to clean crumb tray may

result in a fire hazard.

• Do not operate toaster while


• Before unplugging toaster, make

sure bread lifter is in “up” position.

• Do not cook, warm, or toast rice

cakes, fired foods, or non-bread

• safeguard toaster from access

to pets.

• Do not clean with metal scouring

pads. Pieces can break off pad and
touch electrical parts resulting in risk
of electrical shock.

• Allow toaster to cool before

touching, lifting, cleaning or storing.

when using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be

followed, including the following:


sAve these instruCtions!

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