Removing lodged foods, Important points – GE 681131690966 User Manual

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removinG LoDGeD FooDs

if a piece of bread or any other toaster food becomes lodged in either of the
toasting slots, unplug the toaster and allow it to cool. hold the toast Lever down.
turn the toaster upside down and shake the food loose.

imPorTanT: never use a fork or sharp-edged utensil to remove toast, damage
may occur to the heating element or cause injury.

imPortAnt Points

remove all protective wrappings from food before placing in the toasting slot. For
best results, clean the Crumb tray frequently.

• Different breads require different browning settings. raise toast Lever by

pressing the CAnCeL Button at any time to check toast color.

• Do not block top openings. Do not place any object over the top openings.

• Do not reheat or toast buttered breads. melted butter will cause fire.

• thin bread or sweet bread products, such as tea cakes and fruit loaf, brown

much faster than ordinary bread and should be toasted on the lighter settings.

• never immerse toaster, cord or plug in water or other liquid.

5. Place frozen food in toasting siots. Push Down on the toasting Lever first and

then press the Defrost Button. the Defrost Light will illuminate.

noTe: When defrosting only one slice, press down on the toasting Lever, then
press the 1-slice and defrost button. Both indicator lights will illuminate.
noTe: When using less than four toasting slots to toast food, the food may be
placed in any toasting slot. the Centering Guides will automatically center the
food for even toasting.
6. toast or toaster food will automatically pop up when the cycle is finished. the

toaster will shut off automatically. the automatic reset function returns the
toaster to normal toaster mode after each cycle.

extra Lift Function: to remove smaller breads or items such as crumpets or
english muffins, this unit is equipped with an extra Lift function. Lift up on the
toast Lever after toasting is complete.
8. to stop or interrupt the Defrost Cycle, press the CAnCeL button. the bread will

automatically rise and the toaster will turn off.

9. unplug cord from wall outlet when not in use.
noTe: to prevent fire hazard, never place food over opening of the toaster slot(s).

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