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BeFore usinG For the First time

1. remove all packaging materials, including those which may be inside

the toasting slots or toast Lever slot.

2. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly. Do not use

abrasive cleaners.

3. Do not put the toaster, cord or plug in water.
4. Be sure the Crumb tray is pushed all the way into the toaster.
5. Plug into a 120v AC outlet.
6. turn the Browning control Knob to (1), the lightest setting.
7. Lower the toasting Lever until it locks in place. operated without bread once or

twice to burn off any manufacturing residue. You may notice a slight amount of
smoke; this is normal and wills top as the heating elements continue to heat.

GenerAL instruCtions

this toaster is equipped with an automatic reset function. After each use, the
toaster resets to “toaster” mode. the unit is in toaster mode when none of the
function buttons have been selected.
this toaster has 2 sets of controls, each set controlling the 2 toaster slots directly
above. Whenever only one toaster slot is used in a set, it is recommended that the
1 slice function be used (except Bagel mode) for that set.

noTe: the toasting Lever will not lock into position unless the toaster is plugged in!
noTe: When toasting one or three slices, press down on the toasting Lever(s) and
then press the 1-slice button on the control for the side that has a single slice.
noTe: When toasting less than four slices, the bread may be placed in any
toasting slot. the Centering Guides will automatically center the slice for even
noTe: Do not change the Browning Control selection during the toast cycle. First
press the Cancel Button; then turn the Browning Control Knob to adjust the
browning level.
1. Be sure no bread or other objects are inside the toasting slot. Place toaster on

a flat, level, heat-resistant surface and plug the power cord into a 120v AC
electrical outlet.

2. turn the Browning Control Knob to desired setting: (1) is the lightest setting and

(7) is the darkest. You may want to experiment with the Browning Control Knob
to determine your preference. For the first use, set the Browning Control Knob to
medium (4).

3. remove all protective wrappings from food before placing into the toasting

slots. Avoid toasting torn bread slices that may be lodged in toasting slot.

toAstinG BreAD

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