Troubleshooting guide, Roubleshooting, Uide – GE 18-Feb User Manual

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In case of difficulty, please check the following Troubleshooting Guide
before seeking service.



No dial tone

• Check installation:

— Is the base power cord connected to a working outlet?
— Is the telephone line cord connected to the base unit and

the wall jack?

• Disconnect the base from the wall jack and connect another

phone to the same jack. If there is no dial tone in the second
phone, the problem might be your wiring or local service.

• Is the Handset out of the base unit’s range? Move closer to

the base unit.

• Make sure the battery is properly charged (12 hours).
• Is the battery pack installed correctly?
• If the phone still does not work, disconnect the power cord

and remove the battery pack. Then reconnect the power cord
and reinstall the battery pack. Place Handset in the base for
10 seconds to allow it to reinitialize.

Dial tone is OK, but

• Make sure the TONE/PULSE switch on the base is set

can’t dial out


Handset does not ring

• You may have too many extension phones on your line. Try

unplugging some phones.

• See solutions for “No dial tone.”

Cannot hear phone

• Adjust the volume control on Handset .


You experience static,

• Change channels.

noise, or fading in

• Is Handset out of range? Move closer to the base.

and out

• Does the base need to be relocated?
• Charge Handset battery.
• Make sure base is not plugged into an outlet with another

household appliance.

Range is shorter

• Press CHANNEL button during the conversation to select a

than normal

new channel.

• Position the base antenna upward.

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