Using the ultra mouse on the desktop, Using the ultra mouse in the air – Gyration TM ULTRA CORDLESS OPTICAL MOUSE User Manual

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Using the Ultra Mouse on the Desktop

The Ultra Mouse provides

great flexibility in how you

control your computer, and

its optical sensor allows for

precise tracking on virtually

any surface. However for

optimal performance, avoid

highly reflective glass or

mirrored surfaces. To use on the desktop:
1. Set up and synchronize the mouse with the receiver (see

“Setting Up and Synchronizing the Ultra Mouse and the

Gyration RF Receiver” on page 4).


Remove the mouse from the charging cradle and place it

on a flat surface. The LED light on the receiver base will

flicker rapidly when communicating with the mouse hand-



Use the mouse like a standard desktop mouse. For opti-

mal battery life, avoid using it on dark-colored surfaces.

In addition to its optical sensor, the Ultra Mouse uses an

advanced reflective sensor that detects when the mouse is

being lifted off the desktop. To conserve battery life, this sen-

sor powers on the gyroscope and shuts down the optical sen-

sor each time the mouse is picked up from the desktop.

Using the Ultra Mouse in the Air

The Ultra mouse has no line-

of-sight requirements so it is

not necessary to point the

device at the computer,

receiver, or monitor. Just

find a comfortable, relaxed

position and move the cursor

with easy wrist movements.