Gyrotools software – Gyration TM ULTRA CORDLESS OPTICAL MOUSE User Manual

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Acceleration – Low or Off.


Refer to your operating system’s documentation for additional

information on customizing your mouse properties.

GyroTools Software

GyroTools is a suite of software tools that enhance the func-

tionality of the Ultra Mouse. Assign your favorite tools to but-

tons on the Ultra Mouse, and put advanced presentation

techniques at your fingertips.

1. To install the GyroTools software, insert the GyroTools

disk into your CD drive and follow the on-screen instruc-

tions. If the program does not start after a few moments,

go to My Computer (located on your desktop), click to

your CD drive, and open SETUP.EXE.


Once GyroTools has been installed, complete operating

instructions are available by accessing the on-line help.


Once the installation is complete, click on the GyroTools

icon in the Start menu to launch the GyroTools applica-



Tools can be assigned to a double right-click, a right-click

and hold, or a right-click followed by left-click. Tools can

also be assigned to the scroll wheel (i.e., double scroll-

click, scroll-click and hold, scroll-click followed by left-

click). There are other methods to activate tools such as

screen hotspots, swipes, and scheduled events.


To assign tools using the Drag and Drop Toolbox:


Select the tool group (such as General, Internet, or

Media located at the bottom of the GyroTools win-

dow) that contains the tool(s) you want to assign.


Left-click and hold the desired tool.