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2. Firmly grasp the body of the dryer (not the top or console panel). Gently lay the dryer on

the cardboard. See illustration.

3. Examine the leveling legs. Find the diamond marking.

4. Screw the legs into the leg holes by hand. Use a wrench to finish turning the legs until the

diamond marking is no longer visible.

5. Place a carton corner post from dryer packaging under each of the 2 dryer back corners.

Stand the dryer up. Slide the dryer on the corner posts until it is close to its final location.
Leave enough room to connect the exhaust vent or gas line.

For mobile home use

Gas dryers must be securely fastened to the floor.

Mobile home installations require a Mobile Home Installation Kit. See “Tools and Parts”
section for information on ordering.

Make Gas Connection

1. Remove the red cap from the gas pipe.
2. Using a wrench to tighten, connect the gas supply to the dryer. Use pipe-joint compound

on the threads of all non-flared male fittings. If flexible metal tubing is used, be sure there
are no kinks.

NOTE: For LP gas connections, you must use pipe-joint compound resistant to the action
of LP gas. Do not use TEFLON



A combination of pipe fittings must be used to connect the dryer to the existing gas line.
Shown is a recommended connection. Your connection may be different, according to the
supply line type, size and location.

3. Open the shutoff valve in the supply line. The valve is open when the handle is parallel to

the gas pipe.

4. Test all connections by brushing on an approved noncorrosive leak-detection solution.

Bubbles will show a leak. Correct any leak found.

Connect Vent

1. Using a 4" (10.2 cm) clamp, connect vent to exhaust outlet in dryer. If connecting to

existing vent, make sure the vent is clean. The dryer vent must fit over the dryer exhaust
outlet and inside the exhaust hood. Check that the vent is secured to exhaust hood with a
4" (10.2 cm) clamp.

2. Move dryer into its final location. Do not crush or kink vent.
3. (On gas models) Check that there are no kinks in the flexible gas line.
4. Once the exhaust vent connection is made, remove the corner posts and cardboard.

Level Dryer

Check the levelness of the dryer. Check levelness first side to side, then front to back.

If the dryer is not level, prop up the dryer using a wood block. Use a wrench to adjust the legs
up or down and check again for levelness.

A. Flared male fitting

B. Non-flared male fitting



®TEFLON is a registered trademark of E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company.



" flexible gas connector



" dryer pipe



" to


" pipe elbow



" pipe-to-flare adapter fitting

A. Closed valve

B. Open valve







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