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The balanced output connector uses a XLR connector.


The XLR connector for professional use is internally wired in either
of the following two systems.

1. USA system (Pin 2 = COLD, Pin 3 = HOT)

2. European system (Pin 2 = HOT, Pin 3 = COLD)


The SA-14 uses the USA system of 1.

When a preamp or main amplifier adopting the European system is
connected using a cable with XLR balanced connectors, the repro-
duced signal may be inverted of phase.
In this case, correct the wiring of the one of the XLR connectors on
the extremities of the cable to the USA system by exchanging the
connections of pins 2 and 3. This will make it possible to play the
signal with the correct phase.

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Super Audio CDs have a wide playback frequency band of about 100
kHz that is beyond the audible range: this means that their signals
contain ultra-high-range components that conventional CDs do not
have. A conventional amplifier is often not built to reproduce signals
containing these components, and when Super Audio CD signals are
output in their original state, noise may be generated, the amplifier's
protection circuits may be activated and/or the speakers may be
To prevent this sort of trouble from occurring, the unit incorporates a filter
for attenuating the ultra-high-range components, and the filter can be set
STANDARD or CUSTOM using a switch on the rear panel. (This switch
is set to STANDARD when the unit is shipped from the manufacturing
When the unit is to be connected with a next-generation amplifier that
supports Super Audio CDs, loosen the screws at the side of the switch,
release the protector, and set the switch to CUSTOM for use. This will
ensure play with a wider frequency range.

* Use the switch at the STANDARD position if the unit is to be used with

a regular amplifier. Otherwise, the amplifier and/or speakers may be

* Even when the unit has been connected with an amplifier that supports

Super Audio CDs, change the switch to the STANDARD position when
recording Super Audio CD sound on a tape deck, for instance.

* Do not change the switch setting while playback is in progress. Doing

so could generate electronic noise that could damage your speakers,

Playing CD-RW discs

This unit can play back the CD-RW (ReWritable) discs as well as ordinary
music CD and CD-R (Recordable) discs.

* The CD-R and CD-RW discs should contain properly-recorded TOC

information so that they can be played back. With the CD recorder
system, writing the TOC information in a disc is referred to as finalizing
the disc. A disc cannot be recognized as a CD disc and played back
unless it has been finalized properly. For details, please read the
instruction manual provided with a CD recorder.

* TOC stands for Table Of Contents and contains information such as the

total number of tracks and total playing time of the disc.

* This unit can play only the discs recorded in the CD-DA format

designed for music reproduction. Do not attempt to play a disc
containing other data, such as a CD-ROM for PCs, on this unit.

* As the playback of a CD-RW disc necessitates partial change of the

player setup, it may take longer time for reading the TOC information
than when a music CD or CD-R disc is played.

* The format for CD-R and CD-RW discs is stipulated in the Orange Book,

Parts II and III.
Although the two formats are designed to be compatible, some
portions may not capable of being played back, depending on the
recording unit, the media, and the playback unit.