Introduction, Installation, Precautions – Marantz SA-14 User Manual

Page 5: General precautions, Product features, About super audio

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Thank you for selecting the Marantz SA-14 Super Audio CD Player for
your A / V system.
This Compact Disc Player incorporates a number of features designed
to enhance the listening of your favorite audio sources.
Please read these operating instructions carefully. We recommend that
you read the entire user guide before you attempt to connect or operate
the player.
After you have reviewed the contents of this manual,we suggest that you
make all system connections before you attempt to operate the unit.

Refer to the figures on the pages at the back of this user’s guide. The
callout numbers on the figures correspond to those found in the text.


Remember the following important points when installing the player:

• Do not expose the player to rain or moisture, as this may cause

damage to the player.

• All players produce some heat during operation and this heat must be

allowed to disperes freely. Do not close any ventilation openings and
insure that there is adequate ventilation space behind, beside and
above the player.

• Prevent extra heat from reaching the unit. Never put the player in the

full glare of the sun or near a heat source.


The following precautions should be taken when operating the equip-


When installing the equipment ensure that:

– the ventilation holes are not covered.

– air is allowed to circulate freely around the equipment.

– it is placed on a vibration-free surface.

– it will not be exposed to excessive heat, cold, moisture or dust.

– it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

– it will not be exposed to electrostatic discharges.

In addition, never place heavy objects on the equipment.
If a foreign object or water does enter the equipment, contact your
nearest dealer or service center.
Do not pull out the plug by pulling on the mains lead; grasp the plug.
It is advisable when leaving the house for an extended period, or during
a thunderstorm, to disconnect the equipment from the mains supply.


This Super Audio CD Player, released on the market by Philips and
Marantz who are the developers of Super Audio CDs, is a premium series
model which is designed to achieve a sophisticated reproduction of the
sound performance inherent to Super Audio CDs. The main features of
this unit include:

• A D/A converter for ensuring that the DSD/CD signals are converted

at a high degree of accuracy into analog signals with a high sound
quality by means of a newly incorporated DEM (dynamic element
matching) type of super DAC (CS4397x2)

• A low-noise, low-distortion filter circuit featuring a differential configu-

ration HDAM and a high-speed current feedback type of amplifier
(unbalanced output)

• A low-noise, low-output-impedance balanced output circuit

• Audio circuitry which is isolated from the ingress of noise by employ-

ing a super ring toroidal transformer featuring a large capacity and low
leakage flux and shielded by a copper-plated cover for the main
power transformer and by incorporating a separate transformer for the
exclusive use of the display tube

• A high-rigidity, high-precision zinc diecast mechanism chassis and

an aluminum diecast disc tray firmly anchored by a double-bottom
chassis which incorporates a dual-layer construction

• An elegant design with a luxurious look achieved by the extravagant

use of aluminum block and thick aluminum sheet materials

• A stylish remote control unit made of aluminum top plate

• A CD-R and CD-RW disc play capability


Super Audio CD is the next-generation audio disc format. It has been
jointly developed and standardized by Sony and Phillips of the Nether-
lands which are CD licensers. Compared with the Pulse Code Modula-
tion (PCM) system used for digital audio recording as typified by
conventional CDs, the Super Audio CDs are recorded using the Direct
Stream Digital (DSD) system which has about 4 times more information
per unit time. The system theoretically achieves a dynamic range of 120
dB within the audible frequency band and a wide playback frequency
band that exceeds 100 kHz. It is capable of recording a maximum of 255
programs for up to 109 minutes.