Trouble shooting, Operating precautions, Cleaning of exterior surfaces – Marantz SA-14 User Manual

Page 15: Repairs

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If you think a malfunction has occurred, first check the points listed
below, The problem is likely to have been caused by a simple operational
error or a connection problem. If the problem cannot be corrected even
after carrying out the following checks, consult your dealer or nearest
Marantz sales office or service counter.

The disc fails to rotate.

1. Is the mains lead plugged in properly?

2. Is the POWER switch ON?

3. Is the disc placed in the correct position on the disc tray?

4. Is the disc placed properly with the label side facing up?

5. Is the disc dirty?

6. Is the disc scratched?

7. Is the disc warped?

The disc is rotating but no sound is heard.

1. Are the amplifier and speakers connected properly?

2. Is the amplifier switch ON?

3. Is the amplifier’s volume control set at the minimum level?

4. Is the amplifier’s selector switch set to the correct input (“CD” or

“AUX”, whichever corresponds to the input jacks the SACD player is
connected to)?

The disc stops in mid-operation.
The sound drops out or noise is heard.

1. Is the disc dirty?

2. Is the disc scratched?

3. Is the disc warped?

* In the case of a CD-R or CD-RW disc, this problem may occur when

the conditions under which its data was originally written were sub-
standard or when the quality of the disc itself is poor.

Remote control operation is not possible.

1. Is the remote control unit’s transmitter pointed correctly at the remote

sensor on the front of the SACD player?

Or is there an obstruction between the transmitter and the remote

2. Are the batteries in the remote control unit exhausted?

3. Is there another strong light (from a window, etc.) striking the SACD

player’s remote sensor?

A Super Audio CD cannot be played.

1. Is the disc scratched, dirty or warped?

2. Is the disc a 2-channel stereo Super Audio CD?

* Super Audio CDs support both the 2-channel stereo system as with

conventional CDs and the multi-channel system with 5 or 6 audio
channels. Only CDs recorded with the stereo system can be played
using this unit. The unit does not support discs which contain only
multi-channel signal recordings.
If the reading of an unsupported disc is attempted, the "CAN'T RD"
(can't read) message appears on the display window.

A CD-R/CD-RW disc cannot be played.

1. Is the disc placed upside down?

2. Is the disc contains properly written TOC?

3. Is the recorded information in an audio (CD-DA) format?


• In the winter you may notice that condensation forms on the window

of a well-heated room.

Condensation may also occur inside the SACD player in the following

– When the listening room is first heated.

– When the humidity in the room is high.

– When the unit is moved from a cold environment to a warm room.

• If condensation occurs, the number of tracks cannot be read and the

SACD player may not function properly. If this happens, leave the
power ON and wait for about 30 minutes before operating the unit.

• The SACD player may interfere with the reception of your tuner or TV

set. If this occurs, place the SACD player farther away from the tuner
or TV.

• The SACD player features very little noise compared to analog

records, and the noise before actual playback begins is almost
inaudible. Therefore, be careful not to set the volume control of the
amplifier too high, otherwise other audio components such as the
speakers may be damaged when actual playback starts.


With proper care and cleaning, the exterior finish of your equipment will
last indefinitely. Never use scouring pads, steel wool, scouring powders
or harsh chemical agents (e.g. lye solution), alcohol, thinners,benzine,
insecticide or other volatile substances, as these will mar the finish of the
cabinet. Likewise, never use cloths containing chemical substances. If
the equipment becomes dirty, wipe the external surfaces with a soft, lint-
free cloth.

If the cabinet becomes heavily soiled:

– dilute some washing-up liquid in water, in a ratio of one part detergent

to six parts water;

– dip a soft, lint-free cloth in the solution and wring the cloth out until it

is damp;

– wipe the equipment with the damp cloth;

– dry the equipment by wiping it with a dry cloth.


Only the most competent and qualified service technicians should be
allowed to service the equipment. The Marantz company and its factory-
trained warranty station personnel have the knowledge and special
facilities needed for the repair and calibration of this precision equip-
ment. After the warranty period has expired, repairs will be performed for
a charge if the equipment can be restored to normal operation.
In the event of difficulty, consult your dealer or write directly to the nearest
location to you that is listed on the Marantz Authorized Service Station
list. Please quote the model and serial number of the equipment and give
a full description of what you think is abnormal about the equipment’s