Intelligent Motion Systems MDrive23 User Manual

Microstepping, Features, Description

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MDrive23 Microstepping Datasheet




• Integrated Microstepping Driver

and NEMA 23 High Torque 1.8°
Stepping Motor

• Input Volt age:

+12 to +48 VDC (MDrive23-4)
+24 to +75 VDC (MDrive23-7)

• Low Cost
• Extremely Compact
• Optically Isolated Logic Inputs

will Accept +5 to +24 VDC
Signals, Sourcing or Sinking

• Automatic Current Re duc tion
• Confi gurable:
- Motor Run/Hold Current
- Motor Direction vs. Direction


- Microstep Resolution to 256

Microsteps/Full Step

• Available Confi gurations:
- Single


- Long Life Linear Actuator
- Optical


cod er*

- Control Knob for Manual
- Integrated Planetary Gearbox*
• Three Stack Sizes Available*
• Current and Resolution May Be

Switched On-The-Fly

• Single Supply
• Interface Options:
- Keyed and Locking Pin and

Receptacle (C Connector)

- Pluggable Terminal Strip

- 12.0" (30.5cm) Flying Leads
• Graphical User Interface (GUI)

for Quick and Easy Pa ram e ter

* Rotary Motor Only

† C Connector Version Only. Other
Versions Require 5 Volt Sinking Outputs.


The MDrive NEMA 23 high torque
In te grat ed Motor and Driver is
ide al for designers who want the
sim plic i ty of a motor with on-board
elec tron ics, but without the ex-
pense of an in dex er on each axis.
The low cost MDrive23 allows the
system de sign er to decide the best
meth od of con trol. The MDrive23’s
in te grat ed elec

tron ics eliminate

the need to run the mo tor cabling
through the ma chine, reducing the
potential for prob lems due to elec-
tri cal noise.

The MDrive23 uses a NEMA 23
frame size 1.8° high torque step-
ping motor com

bined with a mic-

rostepping driver, and ac cepts up
to 14 resolution set tings from ½
to 256 microsteps per full step.
Setup parameters in

clude Micro-

step Resolution, Motor Run/Hold
Current, and Motor Di rec tion with
respect to the di

rec tion in


These set

tings may be changed

on-the-fly or down

load ed and

stored in nonvol a tile memory with
the use of a sim

ple GUI which is

pro vid ed. This elim i nates the need
for ex ter nal switch es or re sis tors.
Pa ram e ters are changed via an
SPI port. Op er at ing volt age for the
MDrive23 ranges from +12 to +48
VDC or +24 to +75 VDC.

The versatile, compact MDrive23 is
available in multiple con fi g u ra tions
to fi t various system needs. These
include a single shaft rotary mo-
tor, a dual shaft rotary mo


available with optical encoder or
control knob, a planetary gearbox,
or a long life Acme screw linear
actuator. The rotary MDrive23 is
available in single, double and triple
stack sizes: 18, 22 & 31. In ter face

The IMS Motor Interface GUI sim pli fi es MDrive
confi guring with a single screen in ter face.
(DIR feature with C Connector version only.)

con nec tions are ac com plished us-
ing either a 12 position keyed and
locking pin and receptacle (C Con-
nector), a 7 position terminal strip,
or 12.0" (30.5cm) fl ying leads.

The MDrive23 is a compact, pow-
er ful and inexpensive solution that
will reduce system cost, design and
as sem bly time for a large range of
step ping motor applications.


The IMS Motor Interface software
is an easy to in

stall and use GUI

for con fi g ur ing the MDrive23 from
a computer parallel/SPI port. GUI
access is via the IMS SPI Inter-
face included on the CD shipped
with the product, or download at Optional cables
are avail able for ease of con nect ing
and con fi g ur ing the MDrive.

The IMS Motor Interface features:

• Easy installation.

• Automatic detection of MDrive

version and communication
confi guration.

• Will not set out-of-range values.

• Tool-tips display valid range

setting for each option.

• Single screen interface (below).



Patent Pending