Intelligent Motion Systems MDO17 User Manual

Speed control, Description, Configuring

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MDrive17 Speed Control Datasheet




The MDrive17 Speed Control offers
the system designer low cost, intelli-
gent velocity control integrated with a
NEMA 17 high torque stepping motor
and a +12 to +48 volt microstepping

The MDrive17 Speed Control fea-
tures a digital oscillator for accu-
rate velocity control with an output
frequency of up to 100 kilohertz.
Output frequency will vary with the
signal applied to the speed control
input. Speed can be adjusted by 15-
25kHz PWM, 0-20mA, 4-20mA or
0 to +5 volts.

There are two basic modes of opera-
tion: bidirectional and unidirectional.
By moving the center point, both
speed and direction are controlled
by the IMS Analog Speed Control GUI.
By setting the center point to zero or
the lower end of the potentiometer,
only velocity is controlled by the speed
control input; direction is controlled
by a separate digital input.

The MDrive17 Speed Control has 12
setup parameters, confi gured using
the supplied IMS Analog Speed Con-
trol GUI. The setup parameters en-
able the user to confi gure all MDrive
operational parameters which are
stored in nonvolatile memory.

The versatile, compact MDrive17
Speed Control is available in multiple
confi gurations to fi t various system
needs. These options include a single
shaft rotary motor, a dual shaft rotary
motor available with optical encoder
or control knob, a planetary gear-
box, or a long life Acme screw linear

actuator. The rotary MDrive17 is
available in single, double and triple
stack sizes: 13, 15 & 19. Interface
connections are accomplished us-
ing either a 7 position pluggable
terminal strip or 12.0” (30.5cm)
fl ying leads.


The IMS Analog Speed Control is
a required software GUI for quick
and easy parameter setup of the
MDrive17 Speed Con

trol from a

computer par

al lel/SPI port. GUI

access is via the IMS SPI In

ter -

face in

clud ed on the CD shipped

with the product, or down

load at An optional
Parameter Setup Cable is available
for ease of connecting and confi gur-
ing the MDrive.

IMS Analog Speed Control features:

• Easy installation.

• Automatic detection of MDrive

version and communication
confi guration.

• Will not set out-of-range values.

• Tool-tips display valid range

setting for each option.

• Single screen interface (below).

Confi guring the MDrive Speed Control
is simplifi ed with the IMS Analog Speed
Control's single screen interface.


• Integrated Variable Speed

Controller, Microstepping Driver
and NEMA 17 High Torque 1.8°
Stepping Motor

• +12 to +48 VDC Input Volt age
• Digital Oscillator for Accurate

Speed Control

• Low Cost
• Extremely Compact
• Available Confi gurations:
- Single


- Long Life Linear Actuator
- Optical


cod er*

- Control Knob for Manual


- Integrated Planetary Gearbox*

• Three Stack Sizes Available*
• Electronically Confi gurable


- Motor Run/Hold Current
- Acceleration/Deceleration
- Initial and Max Velocity
- Speed Control Input Source
- Microstep Resolution to

256 Microsteps/Full Step

• 2 Modes of Operation:
Bidirectional or Unidirectional

• 15-25kHz PWM, 0-20mA,

4-20mA or 0 to +5 VDC
Speed Control Input with
Programmable Center Point

• Single Supply
• Interface Uses Pluggable

Terminal Strip or 12.0"
(30.5cm) Flying Leads

• Graphical User Interface (GUI)

for Quick and Easy Pa ram e ter

* Rotary Motor Only

Patent Pe