Intelligent Motion Systems Excellence in Motion User Manual

Force, Excellence in motion

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Excellence in Motion


The Microstepping MForce PowerDrive
is a high performance, low cost micro-
stepping driver that delivers unsurpassed
smoothness and performance achieved
through IMS’s advanced 2nd generation
current control. By applying innova-
tive techniques to control current fl ow
through the motor, resonance is signifi -
cantly dampened over the entire speed
range and audible noise is reduced.

Microstepping MForce PowerDrives ac-
cept a broad input voltage range from
+12 to +75 VDC, delivering enhanced
performance and speed. Oversized input
capacitors are used to minimize power
line surges, reducing problems that
can occur with long runs and multiple
drive systems. An extended operating
range of –40° to +85°C provides long
life, trouble free service in demanding

The high, per phase output current of up
to 5 Amps RMS, 7 Amps Peak, allows
the extremely compact MForce Power-
Drive to control a broad array of motors
from size 23 to size 42.

The microstepping drive accepts up to 20
resolution settings from full to 256 mic-
rosteps per full step, including: degrees,
metric and arc minutes. These settings
may be changed on-the-fl y or downloaded
and stored in nonvolatile memory with the
use of a simple GUI which is provided.
This eliminates the need for external


• High Performance

Microstepping Driver

• Advanced 2nd Generation Current

Control for Exceptional Performance
and Smoothness

• Single Supply: +12 to +75 VDC

• Low Cost

• Compact Package

• High Output Current up to 5 Amps RMS,

7 Amps Peak (Per Phase)

• 20 Microstep Resolutions up to

51,200 Steps Per Rev Including:
Degrees, Metric, Arc Minutes

• Optically Isolated Logic Inputs will

Accept +5 to +24 VDC Signals,
Sourcing or Sinking

• Automatic Current Reduction

• Confi gurable:

Motor Run/Hold Current

- Motor Direction vs. Direction Input
- Microstep



Clock Type: Step and Direction,

Quadrature, Step Up and Step Down

- Programmable Digital Filtering for

Clock and Direction Inputs

• Setup Parameters May Be Switched


• Dual Mounting Confi gurations

• Interface via Pluggable Locking Wire

Crimp Connectors

• Graphical User Interface (GUI) for

Quick and Easy Parameter Setup

switches or resistors. Parameters are
changed via an SPI port.

The versatile Microstepping MForce
PowerDrive comes with dual mounting
confi gurations to fi t various system needs.
All interface connections are accomplished
using pluggable locking wire crimp connec-
tors. Optional cables are available for ease
of connecting and confi guring the MForce,
and are recommended with fi rst order.

The Microstepping MForce PowerDrive
is a compact, powerful and inexpensive
solution that will reduce system cost,
design and assembly time for a large
range of applications.


The IMS SPI Motor Interface software is
an easy to in stall and use GUI for con-
fi g

ur ing Microstepping MForce from a

computer's USB port. GUI access is via
the IMS SPI Motor Interface included on
the CD shipped with the product, or from

The IMS SPI Motor Interface features:
• Easy installation.
• Automatic detection of MForce version

and communication confi guration.

• Will not set out-of-range values.
• Tool-tips display valid range

setting for each option.

• Simple screen interfaces.