Icuiti M920-CF User Manual

Page 17

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NOTE: You must have the Skin vs Black checkbox selected prior to selecting
the video track from the View Files list.

File Settings

This group box will display the currently selected tracks dimensions and
attenuated sound settings. The slider represents a percentage decrease in
volume from the master system volume that is applied to the current track.
Not all video tracks will have the same level of volume designed into the track.
This option allows the user to apply a change in volume between each track
such that no one track will be greater in volume than the others. The setting
is stored in a configuration file by the same name as the current tracks.




\SD Card\VideoFile.CFG

Å Stored volume settings for this track.


When all of the settings for this track and the player are setup the user selects
ok to save these settings. When the player shuts down all settings will be


Selecting this button will restore all settings to their previous state prior to
entering the "Settings Control" panel.