Icuiti M920-CF User Manual

Page 7

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connected to your PDA.

You can configure your Video Eyewear for left or right eye viewing by
selecting the appropriate radio button.

Power Control
Your Video Eyewear draws its power from your PDA. In order to maximize the
PDAs’ battery life, the Video Eyewear can be configured to automatically
power down if no video display activity is detected for a specified period of

This feature is activated by selecting the “Enable” checkbox in the Power
Controls group. The idle duration required for it to be invoked is set by
dragging the slider left or right. The number of minutes this represents is
displayed to the right of the slider bar.

Note: The Power Control is affected by Video Eyewear activity—not Pocket
PC activity.

A vertical slider is provided for adjusting the brightness of your Video
Eyewear. A numeric value is displayed below the slider. 0 representing the
minimum brightness level, 100 representing the maximum brightness level.

Saving Changes
Press the “Save” button to retain any configuration changes or “Cancel” to exit
the Control Panel without saving changes. A “Reset” is also provided to
quickly restore the default settings.