Caring for your video eyewear, Video eyewear usage, Specifications – Icuiti M920-CF User Manual

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Caring for Your Video Eyewear

Your Icuiti Video Eyewear is virtually carefree, requiring only occasional
cleaning with a soft dry cloth. Do not use any liquids, or even your breath, to
clean the Video Eyewear’s display panel cover or optical assembly. Use only
approved optical lens cleaning pads,
such as those designed for cleaning
camera lens—available from

Take care when handling your Video Eyewear’s cable. Do not kink, fold, or
tightly bend the cable connecting the Video Eyewear and Compact Flash card
as it may damage the cable and void your warranty.

Your Icuiti Video Eyewear is not designed for use in dusty or wet
environments. Excessive dust or moisture, such as rain, may infiltrate the unit
and diminish its display quality.

When not in use, the Video Eyewear must NOT be exposed to temperatures
outside of the range - 20°C to 40°C. When in use, the device must NOT be
exposed to temperatures outside of the range 0°C to 40°C.

Video Eyewear Usage

We recommend that you take frequent breaks, every 30 minutes where
practical, while using your Video Eyewear to prevent eye strain—as is also
recommended when using a traditional computer monitor. The immersive
nature of a Video Eyewear experience can produce intense concentration and
reduced blinking, leading to dryness of the eyes and other symptoms of eye
strain. Limit your maximum session time to that of a standard movie
(approximately 2 hrs.) or less.



power (approx, 850mW) drawn from the Compact Flash
no batteries required

Display Panel:

Active Matrix LCD with white LED backlight

Display resolution:

640 x 480 true color
optics provide 26° field of view
image appears as if projected at a distance of 11 feet