Vii. software installation (windows 98), Vii. software installation (windows 98) 10 – GE 98751 GE High-Speed USB 2.0 4-Port Hub User Manual

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VII. Software Installation (Windows 98)

Software installation is only required for Windows

® 98 and 98 SE

users. Users of all other Operating Systems, including Windows

® NT,

ME, 2000, XP and any Mac

® OS, may skip this section.

1) Connect the hub to your computer.

2) Windows

® 98 and 98 SE will detect the hub and automatically run

the “Add New Hardware Wizard”.

3) When the initial screen appears introducing the “Add New Hardware

Wizard”, click Next.

4) Select “Search for the best driver for your device (Recommended):

and click Next.

5) When asked to select a location to search for the drivers, use the

default selection. Do not change the location. Click Next.

6) Click Next to accept the location the driver will be installed in.

7) On the final screen notifying you that the driver has been installed,

click Finish.

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