Viii. troubleshooting, Hub not seen on a laptop, Viii. troubleshooting 11 – GE 98751 GE High-Speed USB 2.0 4-Port Hub User Manual

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VIII. Troubleshooting

Hub Not Seen

Make sure you have installed all Windows

® updates and patches

pertaining to USB. These are available on Microsoft’s® website.

Make sure all cables are properly connected.

Hub Not Working After Reboot

Unplug the uplink cable (and the AC adapter cable if it is connected)

from the hub. The uplink cable is plugged into the “Upstream Port”

shown in section VI. Wait 2 seconds. Plug the cable(s) back in.

Hub Not Seen on a laptop

USB 2.0 Hubs may not work on all laptops. Try the hub on a desktop

computer to confirm functionality of the hub. If this works, contact

your computer dealer.

If you continue to experience problems contact customer support at:

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