Loading the document – Sharp FO-4450 User Manual

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Loading the Document


Loading the Document

Up to 50 letter-sized pages (20 legal-sized pages) can be placed in the feeder
at one time. The pages will automatically feed into the machine starting from
the bottom page.

If you need to send or copy more than 50 pages, place the additional pages
gently and carefully in the feeder just before the last page is scanned. Do
not try to force them in, as this may cause double-feeding or jamming.

If your document consists of several large or thick pages which must be
loaded one at a time, insert each page into the feeder as the previous page
is being scanned. Insert gently to prevent double-feeding.

If there are folds on the document, smooth out the folds before loading the
document. Unsmoothed folds may prevent correct scanning.

When scanning a very long document, gently hold the sides of the
document while it feeds into the scanner to prevent skewing.


Adjust the document guides to the

width of your document.


Place the document face down and

push it gently into the document
feeder. The top edge of the document
should enter the machine first.

The feeder will draw the leading edge of
the document into the machine. SEND
READY will appear in the display.

Note: When inserting a large number
of pages in the feeder, slant the front
end of the stack so that the bottom
pages enter first.