Specialized SpeedZone Sport Bicycle User Manual

Page 13

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remove it from the handlebar mount.
Before removing the battery make a
note of your wheel circumference set-
tings so that you can re-enter them
when you restart the computer. Turn the
computer over so the display is facing
downward. Use a coin to unthread the
battery cap from the computer. Install
the battery (model CR2302) with the
positive pole (+) facing upward. Care-
fully thread the battery cap back onto
the case with a coin. (See Figure 13)


A feature of this computer is

that information will be saved during
battery replacement if the battery is
changed within 10 seconds. The cur-
rent battery must not be completely out
of power in order for the information
to be maintained. (The display may be
dim, but not completely blank)

If the LCD display is blank or shows

incomplete digits, turn the computer
over and press the "AC" button on the
bottom of the case with the tip of a pen
or a paper clip. This will clear all the
data and re-start the computer.
Reinstall the computer by pushing it
forward into the mount until it snaps
into place.