Specialized SpeedZone Sport Bicycle User Manual

Page 7

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preprogrammed tire sizes tap both
the "MODE" and "FUNCTION" buttons
simultaneously. When you reach the
desired tire size press the "FUNCTION"
button once to select it and exit Easy
Calibration Mode.

Roll Out Method
The roll out method will provide the
most accurate computer calibration

and can take into account variables
such as inflation pressure, rim width
and rider weight.
1. Extend a tape measure out to

3000mm (120 inches) and lock
it in place.

2. With your tire inflated to its proper

pressure, place the valve at the
6:00 position (at the bottom) directly
over the start of the measuring tape.

3. Roll the wheel one complete

revolution until the valve stem is
again at the 6:00 position. Read the
tape directly under the valve and
note the distance in millimeters. (To
convert inches to millimeters, multi-
ply inches by 25.4). Use this num-
ber to replace the default (default
value is 2148) when programming
your computer. (See figure 6)