Specialized SpeedZone Sport Bicycle User Manual

Page 14

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Display is blank:

Change the battery or press the
AC button on the bottom of the case

Display shows partial digits:

Press the AC button on the bottom
of the case.

Speed/distance not recording:

Check sensor/magnet alignment.
Make sure that the sensor is no more
than 1/16" (2mm) from the magnet.

Entire screen is dark:

Did you leave the bike parked in the
hot direct sun when it was parked?
If so, move the bike to the shade.
The data will be OK.

Computer moves on handlebar:

Tighten mount or add sizing straps
to improve fit on handlebar.

• Pay attention to traffic and road

conditions at all times. Your first
obligation is to be attentive and
to ride safely.

• Keep your computer in good shape

and use it safely.

• Do not expose it to direct sunlight

except when you are riding

• Do not disassemble it.
• Make sure the magnet and the

transmitter are well aligned.
Check them regularly.

• Keep the computer and all of its

components tightly attached, and
check them regularly. If any of the
Components come loose, it could
become tangled in your spokes
and cause an accident.