Power and charging problems – Sharp SGH-I627 User Manual

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Power and Charging Problems


Description Solution

The phone malfunctions or
does not function

Remove the battery and then
replace it.

Turn on the phone. If the problem
persists, contact a Samsung
service representative.

The battery’s standby time
is shorter than expected

Batteries are subject to wear and
tear. Standby time may grow
shorter as time passes.

Leaving a fully charged battery in a
cold or hot place for a long period
of time may reduce battery life.

Standby time depends on where
you use the phone. The actual time
may vary from the battery’s

Is it OK if I leave the phone
connected to the power
outlet after it is fully charged

We recommend that you disconnect the
phone from the adapter or unplug the
adapter from the power outlet.

The phone becomes hot

This may happen when you are on the
phone or when you use programs, such as
games, the Internet, or the camera,
because the phone needs more power at
those times. This does not affect the
phone’s life or performance.

The battery level seem
sufficient, but the phone
does not turn on

Remove the battery from the phone
and reinstall it. Then turn on the

Clean the metal contacts both on
the battery and on the phone.
Reinstall the battery and turn on
the phone.

The phone turns off when
the adapter is connected

Some dust on the contacts may cause
unexpected power-off or charging
problems. Clean the metal contacts both
on the battery and on the phone.

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