Camera – Sharp SGH-I627 User Manual

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Call History and press the


For more information, see “Managing your Call History” on
page 39.


With the built-in camera of your phone, you can take photos or
record videos of people or events while on the move. Your phone
produces JPEG photos and 3GP videos.

From the Home screen, select Start



Camera and press the

key, or press and hold the Camera key

located on the right side of the handset.

Taking photos

When you access Camera mode, the image to be captured

Important!: There has to be at least 14Mb of memory left in order to take

photos. The largest image size is 4Mb.


Adjust the image to capture.

Move the Volume key Up or Down to zoom in or out on your


Move the Navigation key Up to access your viewfinder options.

Move the Navigation key Down to access your timer options.

Move the Navigation key Right to adjust the brightness of the


Move the Navigation key Left to access your Macro options.

Press the Menu soft key to access the camera options.

Use the number keypad to adjust the image quickly.




to take a photo.


Press the Save soft key to save the photo.

The photo is saved to the location specified in the Default

Storage option. After saving the photo, the camera

automatically returns to Photo Preview mode.

Setting camera options

You can customize the camera settings. Once you change the
camera settings, the corresponding icons display at the top of the
photo preview screen.

On the preview screen, press the Menu soft key.

Camera Mode: switches to Camcorder mode.

Shooting Mode: changes the camera shooting mode.

Single Shot: takes a normal single shot.

Multi Shot: takes a series of stills. You should keep pressing the
camera key to take a series of stills (up to 9). If you do not keep
pressing the key, the multi shot will be stopped. Page 69 Wednesday, February 18, 2009 3:26 PM