Specialized Elite CylcoComputer User Manual

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re-enter them when you restart the
computer. Turn the computer over so
the display is facing downward. Use a
coin to unthread the battery cap from
the computer. Install the battery (model
CR2302) with the positive pole (+)
facing upward. Carefully thread the
battery cap back onto the case with a
coin. (See Figure 18)

If the LCD display is blank or shows

incomplete digits, turn the computer
over and press the "AC" button on the
bottom of the case with the tip of a pen
or a paper clip. This will clear all the
data and re-start the computer. Reinstall
the computer by pushing it forward into
the mount until it snaps into place.

Display is blank:

Change the battery or press the AC
button on the bottom of the case

Display shows partial digits:

Press the AC button on the bottom
of the case.

Speed/distance not recording:

Check sensor/magnet alignment.
Make sure that the sensor is no more
than 1/16" (2mm) from the magnet.

Entire screen is dark:

Did you leave the bike parked in the
hot direct sun when it was parked?
If so, move the bike to the shade.
The data will be OK.

Computer moves on handlebar:

Tighten mount or add sizing straps
to improve fit on handlebar.


Your SpeedZone


Elite is equipped

with a digital clock, which is accessed
by pressing the "MODE" button for
three seconds. The clock can be set to
operate in either 12 or 24-hour mode.

Second Wheel Mode
For riders who own more than one
bicycle or who frequently change tires,
the SpeedZone


Elite is capable of

storing two tire sizes. You can change
between the two sized by pressing
both the "MODE" and "FUNCTION"
buttons simultaneously for three
seconds. The second wheel mode
indicator will change from 1 to 2.
Mileage recorded will be cumulative
between the two sizes. (An accessory
handlebar mount is available from
your Specialized dealer)


Your SpeedZone


Elite Computer comes

with the battery installed at the factory.
Should you need to replace the battery,
push the computer backward to remove
it from the handlebar mount. Before
removing the battery make a note of
your odometer reading and wheel
circumference settings so that you can


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