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Enjoy coffee making in your FARBERWARE® 12 Cup 24 Hour
Programmable Coffeemaker with LCD Clock and Timer. Use the
BREW STRENGTH Button to ensure optimum flavor and offer a
stronger cup of coffee. Left unattended, this Coffeemaker will keep
your Carafe of freshly-brewed coffee warm for up to 2 hours. The non-
stick Warming Plate, Auto Pause & Pour and LED Power Indicator
Light are some of the features that make this Coffeemaker a must in
every kitchen.


WARNING: To reduce risk of fire or electric shock, do not immerse

Cord, Plug or appliance in water or any other liquid.

1. Remove all packing material from the inside and outside of

the Coffeemaker.

2. Before preparing coffee in your new

Coffeemaker, thoroughly clean the
Glass Carafe, Carafe Lid and
Removable Filter Basket in hot,
sudsy water. Rinse and dry.

3. Replace disassembled parts.

NOTE: The Removable Filter Basket must

be placed into the Coffeemaker with
the 2 handles, located on the sides of
the Filter Basket, aligning with the 2
notches on the inside of the unit (see
Figure 3). Press the Filter Basket down
until it clicks into place.

4. Clean the inside of the Coffeemaker by brewing two full carafes of

tap water (see BREWING INSTRUCTIONS on page 7). Do not use
coffee for this initial cleaning.

NOTE: At the end of the first cycle, turn the Coffeemaker OFF and

wait 10 minutes. Turn unit ON and brew a second Carafe of
fresh water.


Cone-shaped paper filters are available locally at grocery stores and
where Coffeemakers are sold. Standard #4 filters should be used.
The use of basket-style paper filters is not recommended, since they do
not conform to the shape of the Removable Filter Basket and may
cause coffee to back up and spill over during brewing.





Power Select ON/OFF Button. Press this Button to turn the unit
ON to start the brewing process. You can also turn the unit OFF
by pressing this Button when the brewing cycle is complete. The
Red ON Light, above the ON/OFF Button, will illuminate when
the Coffeemaker is ON. The Green AUTO Light, above the DRIP
Button, will illuminate when the Coffeemaker has been
HR Button. Use this Button to display the correct hour when
setting the time.
MIN Button. Use this Button to display the correct minute when
setting the time.
PROGRAM Button. Use this Button to program your Coffeemaker
to start brewing at a specified time.
BREW STRENGTH BUTTON. Use this Button to select a stronger
strength of brew. To ensure optimum flavor, the Brewing Strength
Selector regulates the brewing process based upon the amount of
coffee being prepared. When preparing 4 cups or less, press this
Button. A cup will appear in the Display. This will slow down the
flow of water into the Filter Basket to provide a rich coffee flavor
by promoting a better saturation of grounds for smaller quantities.
When preparing 5 or more cups, reset the selector. The cup will
disappear from the window. This will prepare a full pot of coffee
at the normal rate, allowing ample time for the grounds to be
saturated, without imparting a bitter taste.
DRIP Button. This Button is used to initiate the programmed pre-
set brew time. You may also cancel the pre-set brew time by
pressing this Button.


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