Saab B235 User Manual

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Saab 9-5 B205, B235

User instructions

The extension cable must be made of oil-resist-
ant rubber and approved for outdoor use with a
cross-sectional area of at least 3x1.5 mm



The engine heater must be connected to a
grounded outlet only.

Handle all cables with care. Pay particular atten-
tion to the risk of pinching between the bonnet
and the body of the car and the risk of cuts on
sharp metal components.

Inspect regularly the extension cable for damage
or ageing. Damaged cables must be renewed


Check regularly the ground connection between
the ground pin in the connector plug, the heater
casing and the car body.


The function of the heater will be at risk if:

there are impurities in the coolant

the coolant level is too low or if there is air in the

there is ice slush in the system

radiator sealant is used

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