Saab B235 User Manual

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Saab 9-5 B205, B235

7 M06-: Tape the spoiler using woven tape for

example to prevent damage to the paintwork.

8 M06-: Mark out the location for the holder for the

supply connector plug using a bradawl on the
rib, see illustration. The arrow on the holder
should point forwards.

9 M06-: Drill two 6 mm holes in the rib. Bend the

rib down using a hammer handle for example in
order to facilitate access. Fit a plastic hose to the
drill to prevent damage to the paintwork.

10 M06-: Position the supply connector plug in the

holder and secure it with screw and nut. The
cover must open towards the number plate.

11 M06-: Remove the tape.






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