Saab B235 User Manual

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Saab 9-5 B205, B235

25 Check the ground connection between the

ground pin on the connector plug, the heater
casing and the car body.

26 Fit the heat shield, lubricate the bypass pipe O-

ring with acid-free petroleum jelly and fit the tur-
bocharger delivery pipe, including the bypass
pipe. Connect the vacuum hose to the bypass
pipe and the hoses and connector to the turbo-
charger delivery pipe. Fit the engine cover.

27 Fill up with coolant and check the system for


28 Bleed the cooling system in the following way:

Fill the coolant system to the MAX level. Close
the expansion tank cap. Start the engine and run
to operating temperature at varying engine
speeds until the radiator fan cuts in. Carefully
open the expansion tank cap and top up to the
MAX level. Close the cap. Switch off the engine
and if necessary top the coolant up to the MAX

29 Check that the cooling system does not leak and

that the heater works.

30 Place the installation instructions in the car and

draw the customer's attention to the user


The A/C or ACC should be turned OFF.

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