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Troubleshooting chart

Many potential problems can be resolved by the owner without
calling a service technician.
If something is wrong with this product, check the following before
calling your authorized SHARP dealer or service center.


Remote control


CD player



Sudden temperature changes, storage or operation in an extremely
humid environment may cause condensation inside the cabinet or on
the transmitter on the remote control.
Condensation can cause the unit to malfunction. If this happens,
leave the power on

with no disc

until normal playback is possible

(about 1 hour). Wipe off any condensation on the transmitter with a
soft cloth before operating the unit.


Possible cause

The clock is not set to
the correct time.

Is the ST switch set to the correct
Did a power failure occur? Reset
the clock.

When a button is
pressed, the unit does
not respond.

Set the unit to the power stand-by
mode and then turn it back on.
If the unit still malfunctions, reset it.

No sound is heard.

Is the volume level set to “0”?

Are the headphones connected?


Possible cause

The remote control does
not operate.

Is the AC power cord of the unit
plugged in?
Is the battery polarity correct?
Are the batteries dead?
Is the distance or angle incorrect?
Does the remote control sensor re-
ceive strong light?


Possible cause

The radio makes unusual
noises continuously.

Is the unit placed near the TV or
Is the FM antenna or AM loop
antenna placed properly? Move
the antenna away from the AC
power cord if it's located nearby.


Possible cause

Playback does not start.

Is the disc loaded upside down?
Does the disc satisfy the
Is the disc distorted or scratched?

Playback stops in the
middle or is not
performed properly.

Playback sounds are
skipped, or stopped in
the middle of a track.

Is the unit located near excessive
Is the disc very dirty?
Has condensation formed inside
the unit?


Possible cause

No sound is produced.
No image appears on the

The iPod is not playing.
The iPod is not properly
connected to the unit.
Is the AC power cord of the unit
plugged in?
The video cable is not properly
The TV/monitor’s input selection
is not properly set.

iPod will not charge

Wrong iPod adaptor is used.
The iPod is not making full contact
with the iPod connector.
The main unit is in stand-by mode.

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