Sony SCPH-75006 User Manual

Page 42

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Connecting to a network

Connecting the console

Do not plug the AC power cord for the console into the electrical outlet until you
have made all other connections.


Connect the network cable to the network connector on the
console rear.


Insert the connector on the network cable to the network

The connection method will vary depending on the network device.
Refer to the instructions supplied with the network device for details.

Do not connect network cables or telephone cords of the following types to the
network connector; too much electrical current may pass through the connector,
causing a malfunction, excessive heat or fire in the connector:

- Network cables not appropriate for use with a 10Base-T/100Base-TX network

- Standard residential telephone lines

- Any ISDN (digital) compatible phone or data line

- PBX phone lines

- Other "unknown" types of telephone lines

Commercially available network cable

Console rear

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