Supplied accessories, Before operating your television, Antenna connections – Sharp 32C230 User Manual

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Dimension: 140mm x 215mm

Supplied Accessories

Size AA

Dry Batteries

Infrared Remote Control




• For normal operation, your TV should be located in an area of the room where cool adequate ventilation

is provided. Do not place the back of the television set in a place where free airflow will be restricted.

• Any magnetic force may disturb the color picture. Make sure that magnets, electric clocks, toys using

magnets or any other magnetic substance, such as iron are kept well away from the TV set.


Your TV operates on 120 Volts, 60 Hz (normal household current) and has a polarized plug. If you are
unable to insert the plug fully into the outlet, try reversing the plug. Should it fail to fit, contact an
electrician. Do not defeat the safety feature of the polarized plug.

• If the set is not going to be used for a long period, such as during a vacation, unplug the set from the

wall outlet to economize power. (If the TV set is plugged in, a slight current still flows, even with the
POWER BUTTON in the OFF position.)

• Lines and other noise may appear in TV broadcast images when an FM tuner or radio is located near

the TV and both radio and TV broadcasts are being received. Should such noise appear, turn off the

• If you are listening to an AM broadcast, turn the TV off. AM broadcast signals may not be received

due to interference from the TV.

Before using the television, prepare the Remote Control
To use the remote control, insert batteries first.

Inserting the batteries

• With your thumbnail, pull up the slit as indicated by the arrow to remove the battery cover. Insert two

batteries (size “AA”). Be sure to match the battery e/d terminals with the e/d marks inside the

Before Operating Your Television

B a t t e r y

Pull up


• The antenna requirements for good color television reception are more important than those for black

& white television reception. For this reason, a good quality outdoor antenna is strongly recommended.

The following is a brief explanation of the type of connections that are provided with the various
antenna systems:

Antenna Connections

F-type connector

75-ohm coaxial cable (round)

300-ohm twin-lead cable (flat)

1. A 75-ohm system is generally a round cable with

F-type connector that can easily be attached to
a terminal without tools (not supplied).

2. A 300-ohm system is a flat “twin-lead” cable that

can be attached to a 75-ohm terminal through a
300/75-ohm ADAPTOR (not supplied).



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