Konica Minolta BIZHUB 451 User Manual

Page 14

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Showing Enabling User Authentication - option can be set for Public User Access for
BW access if required. Default Function permissions can also be set if required, eg: Total
copy/print restriction (ALL users).

Click “OK” to all Messages then Logout.

User Mode

User is shown Logon Screen on Copier consisting of:

• Username (1)
• Password (2)

• Domainname (3)

(1) Users Domain Login Name
(2) Users Domain Password
(3) No need to touch (fixed - unless multiple servers/domains are used)

Press “Login”

The Machine will now Authenticate against the Domain Controller all
machine functions should now be available.

NB:Once a user has successfully logged into the machine an account will be
created on the machine consisting of “username” for usage accounting tracking