Konica Minolta BIZHUB 451 User Manual

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As a rough guide you can find the domain by right clicking ‘My Computer’ and going

in to the Properties. Under the ‘Computer Name’ tab it will say ‘Domain’ as below.
The basic rule for the Search Base is if the customer has a separate container of

employee e-mail addresses that are outside of the root of the domain this must also

be specified. If they do not, you only need to input the root.
For example, the customer has a container called Sales, and his domain is

mydomain.co.uk. The search base would be:


Without the Sales container, it would be


(Searches entire


My Computer Properties

10) Press the ‘FWD’ button to progress to the next screen
11) These next settings are very much dependent on the customer’s server and how

it has been set up. For example, the Hotline in Basildon runs on a different network

to the LDAP server. On our machines, we have to set the ‘General Settings’ to
‘Simple’ but on the next screen we have to force the domain within the User Name.

On other machines in the building that are on the same network as the server,
‘General Settings’ are set to GSS-SPNEG0 and the domain does not need to forced.