Konica Minolta BIZHUB 451 User Manual

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Bizhub 250/350

Setting up via the Web Browser-

It is easier to configure the Bizhub 250/350 via the web interface.

1) Log into Admin Mode using the code of 8 x 0’s (00000000) and click on

the Network tab. Make sure you enable LDAP under the ‘LDAP’ heading

before you go into ‘LDAP Server Setting’

2) Select any available set of 3 dashes(allowed up to 5 servers) we will

assume Hot2003 does not exist

3) The LDAP Server screen opens as below, you may need to force the domain as

shown. Search base will be your FQDN in dc=, format. Domain Name would be
your normal domain logon name.

Forcing the