KONUS Essence User Manual

KONUS Microphones

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Alipašina 45-a, 71000 Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina

tel.: +387 66 171641

tel./fax: +387 33 201066

e-mail: [email protected]

web: www.konus-audio.com

Thank you for purchasing Konus Audio “Essence” Loudspeakers We hope you

will enjoy your loudspeakers for a long time and that time will only bring your

new loudspeakers to gradually sound better and better

The occurrence of the aging process is well known in the craft of the quality

musical instrument making unfortunately hard to find in the profit driven

junk food era we live in

Konus Audio systems is taking a great pride into making loudspeakers that

resemble somewhat primitive yet authentic craftsmanship of the old

instrument making When we say our “Essence” Loudspeakers are handcrafted

we mean it for real

After all our strong belief is that loudspeakers as music transducers are musical

instruments and as such they must be capable of delivering the musical

emotion of the piece they are delivering for your musical enjoyment

We believe in the simplistic approach resulting in the complex synergies rather

than the other way round In this sense our basic approach is proudly drained

from the philosophy boldly introduced to the wide audience by


Inc from Japan as a natural ever present metaphoric concept which was

withheld as a consequence of the materialistic misconceptions widely accepted

as axiomatic truth yet nothing more than technophile hanky panky

Getting together the bold thinking and profound understanding of the vital

elements of the emotionally involving musical reproduction the mixture of

Japanese exotica UK know how and high tech in Jordan JX

S speaker driver

design and the traditional Bosnian craftsmanship results in the “Essence”