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Your loudspeakers should not be kept in the very humid places nor should they

be exposed to high temperatures (keeping close to sources of heat) They

should never be exposed to any kind of liquid including modern furniture

polishes or cleaners

Your “Essence” Loudspeakers are lacquered six times It takes months for these

layers of lacquer to reach their ideal dryness and stiffness For the first two

months your loudspeakers should only be dusted with a dry light cotton cloth

After that time they can be polished always with a dry soft cotton cloth

never with liquid polishers and avoiding pressing the cloth too much as the

friction could release undesirable heat

Whenever possible try not to touch “Essence” Loudspeakers with your hands

If you need to do so always first wash and thoroughly dry your hands

One of our finishes the white Bosnian pine changes it’s colour over time

getting from the initially yellowish note to the golden note with more

dramatic texture than when new This process can be even further enhanced

by taking your loudspeakers to sun for two hours over period of several weeks

always taking care to avoid exposing the loudspeaker to rain

We could write more but then you wouldn’t read it

We wish you as much pleasure with your Konus Audio “Essence” Loudspeakers

as we had making them and still that we have listening to them!

Sead Lejlic

Konus Audio Systems