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with lots of back wall diffraction Just make sure there is enough (at least

cm) space from the side walls

Free standing placement requires some careful testing and adjustments but we

think that this effort is well worth the time spent

Ideally for the free space placement loudspeakers should be at least


from the back and side walls Due to the specific design of the driver’s high

frequency response curve it is recommended to toe in the brand new

loudspeakers inwards the listening position initially for

degrees As the

loudspeakers burn in and the sound opens up this toe in should be adjusted

and ideally it should get to

degrees for the most linear frequency

response in a typical listening room

Coming to the mention of the burn in process although there are discussions

as to whether this is some sort of placebo effect or a real change we stand at

the position that “Essence” needs some

hours for the initial burn in after

which the burn in process continues with decreased intensity for a number of


With some careful listening you will notice that the quality of the music from

your audio setup varies from time to time Without getting into complex

scientific explanations we need to warn you to effects of the room

temperature and the air humidity as some of the factors of importance not just

for the loudspeakers and how they act mechanically and acoustically but also

they are of importance in the mechanics of fluids thus affecting the behaviour

of the sound waves in your room

Fortunately enough the “Essence” loudspeaker drivers and the cabinets are

temperature and humidity much more stable than the most of the

loudspeakers in the market however not

immune to this occurrence

In order to have your loudspeakers both sounding and looking better over time

and not other way round a proper care should be taken in the maintenance

and the environment they are kept in